More on FeetureMe

FeetureMe is a music social network focusing on giving the users of FeetureMe the ability to create music with their favorite artists and friends easily and leisurely. FeetureMe also gives users a platform to not only share music, but create and stream music by their favorite artists and other users.

The UserRadio

The FeetureMe UserRadio is a streaming service for all the songs created by the user artists. These songs consist or original songs, features, remixes, instrumentals, and or covers. Once a user is done working on music in the FeetureMe CreateStation, they upload their music to the UserRadio for all other users to listen to and enjoy. The UserRadio streams to all other users based on the genres of music they decide to listen to. The UserRadio also give users the option to download songs for offline listening, create playlists, share the songs to other social networks, and also comes with unlimited skips and repeats.

The FeetureMe Ranking System.

FeetureMe was created with the user artists in mind, that is why it comes with its own ranking system. The ranking system (FeetureMe ChartToppers) is a chart of the top songs created by users that particular month. The list contains original songs created by users who use FeetureME and songs that are collaborations between the user Artist and the famous and professional artists and producers that the user decided to feature with. The top songs are decided based on songs with the most streams, most shares, and most likes on the UserRadio. By taking these qualifications into consideration the top 300 songs are decided. The top user artist that month, meaning the user artist with the number one song on the UserRadio, that user will have their song bumped onto the radio that users stream songs by their favorite artists called Feetured. Once the user artists have their songs on the Feetured streaming service they will begin to earn royalties for the songs they originally created.